regenerate and oxygenate

ILLUMINATING TREATMENT A treatment with vitamin "C" immediately illuminates the skin and brings back its healthy look. What is more, it brightens the skin and reduces small wrinkles. Pevonia PRICE: 270 PLN ******** VITAMIN PROTECTION The treatment fights with all pigmentation changes and signs of skin aging in a safe and effective way. It deeply regenerates the skin and improves the functioning of its natural protective barrier. Dermalogica PRICE: 290 PLN ******** INNOVATIVE REGENERATION Intensive anti-aging therapy based on innovative research focused on skin aging processes. It visibly smoothes and brightens, increasing tissue tension. The treatment is perfect for mature skin. Dermalogica PRICE: 300 PLN ********* BRIGHT SKIN An exclusive treatment based on intensive exfoliation, a range of minerals selected from the plant world, and advanced peptide technologies. Dermalogica PRICE: 350 PLN Download the whole SPA price list